Katherine Trigg
Katherine Trigg I was born in Africa and schooled in Hong Kong, after which I moved to London and gained a first class BA Hons Degree in Fashion Design. I worked for a number of years as a freelance stylist and fashion journalist for numerous publications, including national newspapers and glossy magazines such as Elle, Vogue and You Magazine amongst others. During this time I worked with acclaimed photographers such as Snowden, Bailey, John Swannell, Tony McGee and Chris Craymer.

I went on to start my own company- Vintage Kit- a children's wear brand, for which I design all garments and fabrics. The fabrics and products are then printed and manufactured here in the UK. My stockists include Harvey Nichols and Selfridges plus a number of independent boutiques throughout the UK, not to mention Kitson and Fred Siegal in LA, and now Harvey Nichols in HK. Three years ago Disney came to me and asked me to create a dual brand, and thus Disney by Vintage Kit was born, marrying classic Disney characters with my own unique handrawn style. My latest designs for the Vintage Kit brand are in wall paper, bedding and lampshades, using beautiful hand drawn designs and my signature prints, as well as iconic vintage Disney characters, to produce beautiful high end products and washed out linens.

Since 2010 I have also been fashion curator for the hugely acclaimed Vintage Festival, for which I have sole charge of the fashion and runways, employing my own team, which have been from London Fashion week. Getting sponsors and brand awareness through hard work and dedication, with the help of celebrity friends and clients, has been a key part of my role. We have celebrated the festival at Goodwood 2010, as well as at Southbank and the Queen Elizabeth Hall.
Katherine Trigg
I have full responsibility for all production, who guests with us, hair and makeup, and the schedule of how many shows I put on. It is a three day event and I will have as many as six individual shows per day. The delivery for this amount of work is six to seven months.

My work has always been heavily involved with celebrities, from being a stylist to the catwalk.

I have four children, one a film director with his own company, another a professional ballet dancer, another a blues guitarist and the last in school, and I currently split my time between London and Wales.