Katherine Trigg
Katherine TriggKatherine TriggKatherine Trigg has worked as part of the Vintage creative and curatorial team since the inaugural Vintage Festival in 2010 and holds the role of 'Fashion And Catwalk Curator' www.vintagefestival.co.uk. Katherine has played an invaluable role in the event, is always diligent, organised, creative and upbeat and keeps a level head in pressured situations. Above all she is talented and has real vision. In short Katherine is bloomin brilliant and a joy to have around.

Wayne Hemingway, MBE Fashion Designer
Katherine TriggKatherine TriggI am an international fashion photographer and am writing to you about Katherine Trigg who I have known since the start of my career some 25 years ago. At the time I was a struggling photographer and I managed to persuade Katherine to style some test shots for me. I remember we took two models to Camber Sands and Katherine created these wonderful looks for me. Her unique styling and ideas were to have a profound effect upon my career. Three months later I took my portfolio to Milan Italy and went to the Rizzoli publishing house. The art director told me he liked just two pictures in my portfolio and wanted to show them to the fashion director. From this I was commissioned for my first fashion shoot (a 14 page story) and those two pictures were the pictures I did with Katherine! She literally launched my career, and I have gone on to have a long and successful career and have since moved to New York.

Katherine Trigg
Katherine's accomplishments are not limited to styling though. This is a person who oozes talent and creativity. She is a gifted artist, a wonderful clothes designer (her children's clothes have drawn international recognition from high end retailers) and also an energetic and creative events organizer. She brings her talent and hard work ethic to all she does, but this is also mixed with that bit of magic which makes her unique and special. She is a one off talent and would be an asset to any organization particularly anything connected to the arts.

Chris Craymer, Photographer